Things I've Been Doing

A practical blog
of mainly creative stuff

Date Status Link Preview
February 20, 2021 Added drawings and more photos This site
February 20, 2021 Opening Archive page to public
and started creating this page
This site
February 19, 2021 Record on H2Overdrive: Hong Kong Buoy YouTube
February 18, 2021 Video on project: Cloneoa YouTube
February 16, 2021 Changes to project: Cloneoa GitHub
February 15, 2021 Video on Cyberpunk 2077: Part 2 YouTube
February 11, 2021 Created song for a VA: !7990008 YouTube
February 11, 2021 Video playing H2Overdrive YouTube
February 7, 2021 Record on H2Overdrive: Temple of Flume
A bit later, I got a 1:12 or something like that
January 2021 Remade Amazing by Neversoft using
an Arduino and a Piezo for an assignment
January 4th, 2021 Made a chart of: Family Force 5 - Replace Me YouTube