1.0-999010574 | Released 05/07/2022 | 11.7 MB / 23.4 MB | Download
  • Post-release changes:
    • More qb.pak optimization
    • Game can run without ragdoll and skin files
    • Singleplayer doesn't require skeleton files
    • Fixed missing audio encoding DLLs since some users don't have them pre-installed
    • Additional audio calibration fix to make the audio play
      ahead of the beginning of gameplay. So, with 200ms, for example,
      the audio starts 200ms earlier than the notes starting
    • Starpower bot uses new beat waiting function and evades triggering while hitting a sequence
    • Little launcher fix for Linux users so audio encoding script runs correctly

  • Improved chart converter/song PAK writer
    • Better programmed note and starpower arrays (works in 2D arrays)
    • Less messy code (but also still sort of messy)
    • Some tempo related fixes
  • Discord RPC (Separate download) and proper song metadata in PAKs
  • New separate PAK to store user configuration,
    which allows more portable and easy settings
    (and makes it easier for me to push updates :D)
  • Reduced music tools size and made FSB encoding just a little faster
  • Other various encoding related fixes
  • More ultra optimization
  • Fixed open note animation
  • Bot star power/autowhammy (lazy)
  • (Cheap) fix for calibrated audio syncing, so gameplay doesn't have to slow down to keep up
  • Function to disable HUD intro (toggleable with disable_intro)
  • Unique file date checker for downloads
  • GH3/WT textures can have PNGs/JPGs stored, yay!
    (warning: may slow down loading to due compression)
  • Solos (have to be inserted in song PAKs manually for the time being)
  • - Removed Herobrine
1.0-999010389 | Released 11/25/2021 | 12.8 MB / 37.4 MB | Download
  • Removed Aspyr registry key check, no longer needing admin rights
  • Removed Massive Ad Client (cheaply, so venues won't work here)
  • No fail setting with graphical change
  • Magically randomly fixed some MIDI error happening on another computer
  • Detect multiple files in a song package, ask user which one they want to play
  • Async FSB building, making multitrack encoding faster
  • Removed dbgq.pak and perm_anims.pak
1.0-999010247 | Released 07/09/2021 | 13.4 MB / 39.9 MB | Download
  • Reimplemented FSP + allowed easier creation, and web downloads
  • More gameplay lock-in
  • Disabling VSync independent of another program
  • Moved GH3+ loader to execute before window creation
  • Rebuilt optimized zones
  • Patch launcher to support .chart Offset value
  • Song cache viewer + write IDs to list
  • Official public release
1.0-999010010 | Released 07/04/2021 | 15.6 MB / 37.6 MB | Download
  • Song caching + new hashing method
  • New audio and chart converter
  • Replaced game program with better executable
  • Internally patched windowed mode
  • Game fully functional without Soundcheck zone
  • Proper data manipulation through launcher
  • Rebuilt game data (for the infinith time)
  • Dynamic game path
  • Removed zones, models


Released 01/XX/2018 | 47.6 MB / 174 MB | Download
  • Unknown
  • Inherited changes from 0.7


Released 12/25/2017 | 54.8 MB / 167 MB | Download
  • Optimized game
  • Removed zones, models
  • Windowed patch through DxWnd/3DAnalyzer
  • Use songlist_editor, Mid2Chart, sox
    for song converter