Old music

Some of this stuff was made with Garageband

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An old song made in GHMix
using a videogame synth.
Name is inspired by schmutz06's Patterns
only at number 1 - 2012

XEZ - 2012

This was a weird partial cover of Rush - YYZ
but sort of custom chart inspired song made
in MiniPiano that came with Electronic Piano
2.5, which wouldn't work on Windows later than
XP, which is why this was specifically used.
Piano Rush - 2014

XSweeps - 2015

Murder - 2015

A song with a creepypasta made to it.
DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 2015

Glitched Bagpipes
(War.exe) (The Blood Sound)
(5yn7h3$iz3r.exe) - 2015

Made using NESynth.
Cybermind - 2018

Part of a mini ARG I made for an obscure
album, which mostly has autogenerated music.