Old games

many of which are unreleased and unfinished

Check out what I'm currently working on here


Made in 2012

Based specifically on the version
from the Atari 2600 Plug & Play

My first GameMaker game, when
I had it unregistered

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Doodle Jump

Made in December 2012

Fan game, half of the things
contained in this don't work

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GameMaker File
Maze game

Made in May 2012

A PowerPoint game

Some levels are out of order

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Made in 2012

A modified version of a 3D FPS example game

A game meant to have infinite levels where
you steer your way to the end. Hit a wall and
you crash, and replay the level.

Only the demo is recovered

Made with GameMaker

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Weegee Invaders

July 2014

Space Invaders but
with the Weegee image

The music is Hill Act 1

Used gameEditor

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Includes versions:
  • v999999
  • v999999999
  • v999999999999
  • v999e+1
  • "glitchy hack"
  • "Apple Edition"
Weegee Simulator

August 2014

Basic platformer with a giant Weegee

The origin for backwards Boxxle music

Used gameEditor

1.2+ introduces goombas and coins

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Made in 2013-2014

A maze platformer thing
based on WormRun for mobile

Made with GameMaker

Play / Download (fixed)
Source (fixed), Original source
Wezinator35 the Mad
Bloody Frankenstein

Made in late 2014

A platformer that I wanted
to make with 999 levels

Made with GameMaker

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Before Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

Made in late 2014

A horribly made fangame

Imagery is from a basic Source map
I made and played in Garry's Mod


Made with GameMaker
Zombie Invasion In
The Mushroom Kingdom

Made in 2015

A poor ROM hack based
on a Game Genie color

The game is also a mixmash
of music patches by AC3U1,
making it sound weird

Made with SMB Utility

Download Patch
Use this on a copy of Super Mario
Bros. for NES with Lunar IPS
Video Maker

Made in 2015

A generic clicker
based on YouTube

Made with GameMaker

Play / Source / Download
Win or Crash

Made in 2015

Avoid the skulls and you shall proceed

Made with GameMaker

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Your Clicker

Made in 2015-2016

A Cookie Clicker maker
that I was kind of proud of


Made with GameMaker
Mad-Life 2: Fordon Greeman's Adventures
in Crack Mesa Rederp Facility

Made in 2016

A source mod that makes no
sense, based purely on a command

Made with Source Engine

Play / Download, Trailer