Old games

many of which are unreleased and unfinished

Check out what I'm currently working on here


Made in 2012

Lost the files for it

It basically, probably, was going
to be like World's Hardest Game

There was a red square player
and cyan colored levels

Worked on it in GameMaker

Made in 2012

Based specifically on the version
from the Atari 2600 Plug & Play

My first GameMaker (8) game, when
I had it unregistered

Play / Download
Doodle Jump

Made in December 2012

Fan game, half of the things
contained in this don't work

Play / Download

GameMaker File
Maze game

Made in May 2012

A PowerPoint game

Some levels are out of order

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Made in 2012

A modified version of a 3D FPS example game

A game meant to have infinite levels where
you steer your way to the end. Hit a wall and
you crash, and replay the level.

Only the demo is recovered

Made with GameMaker

Play / Download

Made in 2013,2014

A maze platformer thing
based on WormRun for mobile

Made with GameMaker

Play / Download (fixed)
Source (fixed), Original source
Weegee Invaders

July 2014

Space Invaders but
with the Weegee image

The music is Hill Act 1

Used gameEditor

Play / Source / Download

Includes versions:
  • v999999
  • v999999999
  • v999999999999
  • v999e+1
  • "glitchy hack"
  • "Apple Edition"
Weegee Simulator

August 2014

Basic platformer with a giant Weegee

The origin for backwards Boxxle music

Used gameEditor

1.2+ introduces goombas and coins

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Dark Simulator

August 2014

"Shadow the Hedgehog fangame"

Basic 3D platformer with parkour
and a terrible walk/run animation


Play / Source / Download
Wezinator35 the Mad
Bloody Frankenstein

Made in late 2014

A platformer that I wanted
to make with 999 levels

Made with GameMaker

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Before Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

Made in late 2014

A horribly made fangame
based on a Game Theory video
Imagery is from a basic Source map
I made and played in Garry's Mod


Made with GameMaker
Zombie Invasion In
The Mushroom Kingdom

Made in 2015

A poor ROM hack based
on a Game Genie color

The game is also a mixmash
of music patches by AC3U1,
making it sound weird

Made with SMB Utility

Download Patch
Use this on a copy of Super Mario
Bros. for NES with Lunar IPS
Video Maker

Made in 2015

A generic clicker
based on YouTube

Made with GameMaker

Play / Source / Download
Win or Crash

Made in 2015

Avoid the skulls and you shall proceed

Made with GameMaker

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Custom Clicker

Made in 2015-2016

A Cookie Clicker maker
that I was kind of proud of


IndieDB apparently still
has images hosted --> Gallery

Made with GameMaker
Mad-Life 2: Fordon Greeman's Adventures
in Crack Mesa Rederp Facility

Made in 2016

A source mod that makes no
sense, based purely on a command

Made with Source Engine

Play / Download, Trailer, Gameplay